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Broward County's culinary prowess has historically been overlooked by foodies looking for the best restaurants in South Florida, or at least one of them. But the 954 is experiencing a restaurant renaissance, as well-known upscale restaurants are turning their attention to some of the county's long-popular restaurants. From stunning seaside locations to the most underrated locations in Palm Beach County, here are the top ten restaurants in Broward County, in no particular order.

With dishes almost too good to eat, this elegant Plantation restaurant seeks a relaxed atmosphere that will keep returning loyal customers. The friendly staff at all five locations is attentive, efficient and friendly, whether you like pasta dishes, including perhaps the best lasagna in the world, or a hearty salad. This restaurant is dedicated to offering its guests a good meal with a high level of service, good food and good service.

The United Way of the Florida Keys offers a list of foods for children and seniors in Monroe County. Help us by joining our support program, which allows us to keep South Florida behind a paywall. A total of 7 - 10 employees remain in charge of sales and ensure smooth operation.

Parents can search for their distribution center through the website and pick up the meals for several consecutive days, or they can choose the meals for several days.

Here is a way to find and compare all the restaurants that are supplied in Plantation. To highlight the restaurants that are popular with Uber Eats users in plantations, there are a number of different categories of restaurants to explore and search for in the kitchen, such as Chinese restaurants. After a look at all of these restaurants, you can check out the restaurant reviews of UberEats users to get an idea of what's popular in plantations where the average rating is 4 out of 5. In Plantations we have about 30 to consider, but we searched for Chinese in all categories and discovered this restaurant.

We've just tried to tempt you with peces, sizzles and the right naming of some of Plantation's most popular dishes, which have been rated 4 out of 5 by UberEats users.

You get the traditional steakhouse side with whipped cream and truffles, which cost $5, and you can get anything for $10. Other dishes include the crispy skin - served on tender meat with sweet and savory sauce and a side of sweet and sour cream, at $4.

Dishes include monkfish poached in cauliflower couscous and top-notch rock steak grilled with parsnips and chimichurri. Mussels, rock shrimp, squid and lobster also appear, while pasta, chicken, steak and pork round out the menu. Appetizers include braised espresso, macaroni and cheese, and a side of sweet and sour cream, all for $5.

Excellent dishes include scallops and chilli, and newly introduced products include shrimp and grains, as well as macaroni and cheese, macs and a side of sweet and sour cream.

Meat lovers can enjoy roasted pork chops with braised vegetables, with a side of chicken or pork belly or chicken and rice meat. If you're craving seafood, fried rice, prawns and crab, as well as the prawn salad, will be just the thing. If you're after a hot dish, try the spicy and spicy chicken nachos, which are popular in many local restaurants in the area.

Traditional dishes are available, from rope vieja to paella, and there are also some that were originally intended for midnight snacks. Everything you need to continue serving your favorite dishes, as well as a variety of other specialties, is included in the purchase price.

If you'd rather get your take-out order than have it delivered, check out Plantation Florida Food's online ordering service. Pick-ups are also available at the restaurant and a number of local grocery stores in the area.

Moe's franchise sale is on, with everything, including the restaurant's first food truck sale - ever fully serviced. Turn - key Moe's has it all and has the best selection of food available at Plantation Florida Food Area. The restaurant sells everything from burgers and fries to hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

Remember that you can order takeout, and if you grill and fry, the place on the grill is for your fries.

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